IMPROVE your Russian

Study our Russian audio Lessons and IMPROVE your Russian Speaking!

If you want to Speak Russian this course is a right chose for you, we won’t be as verbose as all books do! We have read lots of books about how to learn a foreign language and 99% of them are full of useless information. We do not want to take your time, so we will briefly explain what you need to do daily in order to SPEAK Russian ASAP.

First off just get the idea of these 2 main principles:

If you want to know GRAMMAR you have to READ, if you want to SPEAK you have to LISTEN.

The more you read the more you know the grammar as a native.


The more you listen to audio materials the more you speak fluently.


So if you want to SPEAK Russian just try our course where:

- You will never study Grammar Rules!
- You will learn naturally like a child in a comfort way
- You will gain fluency if you simply follow our approach

PLEASE do not expect that you will find some magic formula or something on this course! Just understand, learning a foreign language is a work. DAILY work! Think before you start. Why do you need to learn it? DO you really have one hour a day to dedicate for Russian? Do you really need to Speak Russian? Ok, don’t be so scared, at least you decide to dedicate 30 minutes a day you will see the results, but you need to do it daily. If you postpone one day it is two steps back.


Every 1-2 hours spent on Russian is one small step ahead but if you miss one day this is two big steps backward! Just keep in mind that simple truth.

So, if you ready to dedicate 1-2 hours a day for at least next 8 month just try our course today for $7. We will explain to you what to do in order to achieve tremendous results in Russian.


*After your payment please send us your Name and Surname to, we will send you the course in 24th

We are always maintaining our lessons, so we need your opinions because we want to do our courses better. You can help us leave you feedback here.

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  1. Greg says:


    How can I purchase the course?

    • admin says:

      Hi Greg,
      For this moment we have only Pay Pal option. You have to click on Buy Now and you will be autimatically transferred to, then you need to follow the instruction listed on

      p.s. Don’t forget to send us your e-mail on, therefore we can send you the course.

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