How children learn languages

Guys it’s all about children. Well, if you don’t remember how you have learned your native language I will try to remind you. Actually you learned it at your mother’s knees. To be more detailed you listen to your mother, father, siblings or other relatives while you were a suckling.

You listen to them!

Before you tried to speak your attention was on the sounds that your relatives pronounced to you. I bet you did not understand any single word they talked to you but you listen to the melody, your brain tried to separate the melody into words, they didn’t have a meaning to you but your ears were trained and adopted to their sound.

And only after 1 year of that communication between you and your parents you were ready to try to speak simple words like “mommy” or “daddy”. You did your best I bet you tried hard trying to pronounce those simple words but in the end after 6 to 12 month you were able to speak fluently with lack of vocabulary. You used only a few words but those were enough to you for explaining what you little peanut wanted.

That’s the key factor if you understand this concept you will succeed in studying foreign languages.

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