Who we are?

We are small group of entrepreneurs who run mad after foreign languages and set a goal to find the answer how to learn a foreign language easily and fast!

After tons of materials analyzed, after thousand of hours of reading the books that was written by famous linguists we understood that there is no reason to follow the traditional methods anymore.

All of those famous linguists learn differently. We found that approximately all of them used the same techniques and we decided just to follow those techniques and see what happened!

The particularity of this approach was that you do not need tutor or teacher therefore no need spend a lot of money on classes that gives you limited success.

Our goal was to start SPEAK in foreign language FAST, really FAST, so after 8 month of study we were able to communicate with foreigners easily.

After 8 month when we understood on our own experience that the approach works, we decided to create Russian courses for foreigners who crave to speak Russian with easy and confidence!


*After your payment please send us your Name and Surname to efficientrussian.info@gmail.com, we will send you the course in 24th

We are always maintaining our lessons, so we need your opinions because we want to do our courses better. You can help us leave you feedback here.

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